"God ! Teach us to smile,
But let us not forget,
we had cried some day !..."

When some Volunteers visited the Orphanage
Managed by Sindhutai at Manjari Farm on 07th May,2011,
We were amazed to see the development of kids.
They were so polite and well behaved,
which is tough to see in the Kids of Cartoon TV yug !
All were studying in Schools, whereas many with parents
are forced to beg or do work as child labour to make money !
Childern with facilities take studies lightly,
but we personally met Boys studying in BCA and LLB !!!

Kids were so much attached to each other and to Mai and to Care Takers,
which is not seen in today's families even in blood relations.

As kids don't have any other place to go in Summer vacation,
they were sent from one Ashram to another Ashram
(ie.Saswad to Manjari Farm and Vice Versa)
to spend Summer Vacation to have change !
Which proves that Management and Mai
tried to take care of this feeling so well !

We met to Mai Sindhutai Sapakal personally at their
Hadapsar based office
of Sanmati Bal Niketan
Near Vaibhav Cinema.

And tried to understand the help
she needs to support the kids:

According to her

Daily Milk Bills(Total 10 Liters at 2 Ashrams)
Daily Grocery(No need of Rice, she got sufficient,
but different Dal and Sugar etc 50 Kgs or so per month,
Washing and Bathing Soaps)
Financial Help for Construction are on Top of the Agenda.
(She got funds from USA, which helped her to construct
3 Story Ashram at Manjari Farm,
but still lot more funding is needed to fix the doors and windows)

Though while talking about priorities, she didn't mention
about Toys and Sports items,
but while talking to kids, we realised that they
are missing such things during Summer Vacation.

We know many families
want to contribute for noble cause on the
Special days of their family members,
but they are unaware about such organisations
which are genuinely helping and
nurturing abandoned children.

For more information on Sindhutai...
pls. search on Google and you will be able to get number of
You Tube Clips and Articles.

We request you to visit personally and
motivate your friends also to visit the Ashram,
so that you will get fair idea of real needs and developments.

To extend any help, Pls reach on the
following address /contact numbers:

Office Address:
"Sanmati Bal Niketan",
Belhekar Vasti, Manjari (Budruk),
Tal. Haveli, Pune, Maharastra
Contact No.
020 26999541 / 9326535224 / 9371074256

Contact Person: Ms.Mamata Sapakal

Phone:+91-20-26870403 / 9881337914



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